1. Alien (Guitar Instrumental)

  2. Black Bird Glide (Guitar Instrumental)

  3. Black Bird Glide (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  4. Blue Eyes (Guitar Instrumental)

  5. Calling (Guitar Instrumental)

  6. Calling (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  7. Country Summer Breeze (Guitar Instrumental)

  8. Dual Bass (Guitar Instrumental)

  9. Freeze (Guitar Instrumental)

  10. Freeze Remix (Guitar Instrumental)

  11. Freeze Remix (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  12. Freeze Remix (Guitar Drum Vocal)

  13. Guitar Rehearsal

  14. Innocence In The Night (Guitar Instrumental)

  15. Innocence In The Night (Guitar Vocal)

  16. I Run Away (Guitar Instrumental)

  17. I Run Away (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  18. I Run Away (Guitar Drum Vocal)

  19. It Is A Dark Time (Guitar Instrumental)

  20. It Is A Dark Time (Guitar Vocal)

  21. I Watch You (Featuring Kevin Macleod Incompetech.Com)

  22. Journey (Guitar Instrumental)

  23. Lightning Speed (Guitar Instrumental)

  24. Mexico Texas Sky (Guitar Instrumental)

  25. Now You Are Here Remix (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  26. Now You Are Here Remix (Guitar Drum Vocal)

  27. Oh Heart Of Gold (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  28. Planet Earth (Guitar Instrumental)

  29. Pretty Girl (Guitar Instrumental)

  30. Raven (Drum Instrumental)

  31. Raven (Bass Guitar Instrumental)

  32. Raven (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  33. Raven (Guitar Drum Vocal)

  34. Sea (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  35. Slide On Ice (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  36. Southern River (Guitar Instrumental)

  37. Southern River (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  38. Sweet Heart (Guitar Instrumental)

  39. Sweet Heart (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  40. The Police Man (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  41. The Police Man (Guitar Instrumental)

  42. Thunder Love (Guitar Drum Instrumental)

  43. Thunder Love (Guitar Drum Vocal)

  44. Universe (Guitar Instrumental)


Japor London, UK

I am a brand new band. I started in August 2012. I produce and record entirely my own singles. I have many live raw unedited music. I am mainly alternative, country, pop, punk, and rock orientated. My music is individual, original, and unique.

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